The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:25

Oppression, disasters, treachery, and treason; these are some of the warnings we are given. It might be a pleasing new ministry that we hear and our hearts search for these days. But these things are what we must live through before our Savior returns. These are also things that if we took a good look we are sure to find all around us today. Should we choose not to take our Lord seriously, then we may be sorely disillusioned when He does come and we have only been living in comfort. Let us pray that we grow so close to Jesus today, right now while there is still time, that we will not be taken by surprise. If we don´t live our lives for Him now but take our rewards here on earth, then we will not know Him when we realize that the trouble has been here all along and we were just too busy having fun to notice.


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