Trusting God Lifts Weights

Trusting God Lifts Heavy Weights

There are a lot of people who concern themselves with the meaning of life. This is a pretty complicated task when we try to remove God from the equation. The problem is that man himself is left to discern the answer using his own reason and men rarely agree on anything. So, we are left to speculate. If we do consider God, however, then we finally have a fixed and solid point from which to weigh our thoughts. We can move closer to Him and what He says we are all about, or, we can move further from Him. Men will still have their opinions about life and how to live it. But God will always have the final say. If we learn to trust God, then we do not need to be a heavier thinker than the next guy. We can lean on the Lord. We can step out of the whole battle of wits and opinions, and step closer to the Son of God. Christ can be our guide. We can trust the Savior to teach us what we need to know at the moment we need to know it. The rest we can leave up to God. The intelligence in trusting God with the answers of our existence is that it brings an immense amount of peace to the simple-hearted person who learns it. The worldly-minded person will ridicule the plain Christian´s faith. But we should sympathize with them and pray for them. They still hold some pretty heavy questions and only themselves to trust for the answers.


Life can be explained only after it has been lived. Kierkegaard (Provocations)


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