The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:27

Cartoons depict a light bulb shining over a person´s head when that person has an idea. The Bible gives us a greater hope of enlightenment. Jesus tells us of a day that is swiftly approaching that will bring immensely more light onto our consciousness. The great day that Christ will be revealed to this world, all will understand that things were not entirely as we see them. We cannot see now with clarity into the spiritual realm. Angels, heavenly beings, and God are not things we see yet with our natural eyes. But, we are given the hope that on that great day, we will see and we will be blown away! There is a teaching nowadays that would have us think that God can be found in other ways, inside of us, or in His creations. Some truth to their argument may be seen, but we should never stop looking forward to the day when Jesus will return! It is good and healthy for us to yearn to see that promise fulfilled with all we got! Let us prepare our hearts! Let us work on our walk with the Lord each and every day so that when that great day comes, we will be ready to see our Father!



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