To Know God

To Know God

Becoming a Christian is something we will all have to decide for ourselves whether or not we want to do. But there is a very subtle yet dangerous misconception regarding what this actually means. Some would have us make the whole process a concept which we convince ourselves of and then follow it up with a declaration sometimes accompanied by certain actions. These things may be involved in the actual process, but the real process lies between God and us. It is never a worldly transaction that humans can do alone. The Lord stands on one side of the process and whether or not we come to engage with Him becomes our only prayer. The real trick is to move closer to Him in real experience. The only way to do this is to actively seek Him! We must each study Him, His words and His actions. We must talk to Him every day more often and more pointedly. We must seek Him and learn to find Him in every area of our lives. This all-consuming walk with the Lord is to become the Way we live our lives. God will reveal Himself to such committed worshippers! Let´s set our hope in coming to know God today!


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