The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:33

When Jesus came to earth He first started teaching that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand. He wanted people to know that although we cannot see God, He is near. He has never separated Himself from us or His creation. God is active. He is engaging with His people at this very moment. When Jesus was here this was never so evident. We may get to thinking that now that Christ has returned to the Father´s side, that He is further away. This is what the dark forces would have us believe. Yes, the Son is with the Father. But, instead of being further away, they are as close as ever. Any distance is placed there by sin and by us not turning to Him. If we come close to Christ, God is close to us. It is a mystery too great for most to comprehend. It takes faith. But it is to faith that we are called. So, for the simple-hearted believer, whose intense interest is to be with the Lord in heart and soul, time means nothing. Christ can come today or some undefined future date. Heaven is still at hand, even at the door! Being with Jesus today prepares our hearts and souls for the day He will come in Glory!


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