How to Get More Faith

How to Get Faith

We may be tempted to wonder how we can receive more faith. But we do not have to wonder. Jesus walked on earth before us. He demonstrated for us how to receive all the faith that we could want. He simply looked to the Father first, foremost, and consistently. He took time to be alone with the Father often, but He did not leave God there when He got up off His knees. Instead, He took God with Him. His conversation, His communion with the Father was not interrupted as He went because He was walking with Him. They went together. If we could only learn this trick! Faith is a gift. Christ encouraged us to seek more of it. But, instead of wallowing and whining about not having it, let´s start working on our relationship with our Savior. He is always the Way to the Father. The closer we get to Him, the closer we are to God! The closer we are to God, the more faith will come to us! Pray that our walk with the Lord increases today!


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