The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:41

We read in the Scriptures, that in the last days when Christ comes to bring God´s children to be with Him, that some will be taken and others left. This shows us that not everyone who walks the face of the earth will have the highest blessing of being ushered into the presence of God. That honor is reserved for some special ones. Even though a worldly heart may complain that not everyone should be given this privilege, it is a fair trade. Everyone receives what their heart truly desires. This is a correct gift from a righteous God. Nobody that chose not to seek the face and the will of God will ever need to worry about seeing it. Those people choose to see the enticing things this life will bring them instead. It would cruel and below God to force something different on them. Yet, on the other hand, there are also some, even though not so many, who do want to see God. They may not look much different standing in a field. But these strange people long to see the Lord with every part of their heart. They felt the pull and the call of the world after all the fun and delightful treats that we could have here. But, at the same time, they chose to let their hearts go out to God. They chose to search for the Savior. They chose to listen to Christ instead of the world. So when the day comes and He breaks through the clouds, the Son will receive those who belong to Him in heart and soul. No amount of defending our points of view or pointing out our purer qualities will change whether or not we stand with God or not. Let the Lord come today and we will see who has made the effort to know Him! Let us live like Jesus will come today and that He will see our hearts are truly found in God!


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