What Really Counts

What Really Counts

Worldly thinking tries to give people some kind of hope or purpose in life. Generally speaking, what it the tries to offer us is some self-oriented concept where we are exalted and nobody around us should matter. The result is that prescribers to the trends of worldly thought go out to get as much for themselves in this life as they can. Then, they die. The Bible offers us another concept altogether. The Holy Scriptures would like to present our hearts with the joy and hope of meeting God. It offers our souls a beginning instead of just a smile at our end. In sharp contrast to the worldly-minded man, believers can set their hearts high above all that we see and let their hope rest in the moral excellence of their God and not just their own. Our hope is to experience not merely love on earth, but a love that was worth dying for just so that we could be with our Lord. The Christian can walk through this life coming to know the loving God that wants to spend eternity with them. We can cling to this hope of meeting the Almighty face-to-face and singing of His greatness forever! This will bring us endless contentment while living here now and a hope to set our hearts on that will keep our spirits up no matter what we must suffer.


What really counts in life is that at some time you have seen something, felt something which is so great, so matchless, that everything else is nothing by comparison, that even if you forgot everything else you would not forget this.  Kierkegaard (Provocations)


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