The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:43

Jesus warned us to be watchful. He knows what is truly important for us. He knows all the secret things that God does for us each day to guide us and protect us. The Savior knows just how God´s plan of saving us is playing out on a personal and global scale. So what He is teaching us is crucial to us. We should hear the urgency in His voice. We should make room in our hearts, in our day, and in the way in which we engage this world we live in. We cannot afford to push off our relationship with Christ. We should never brush it off or think less of it. Instead, we should be cultivating our walk with the Savior each day. We should make Jesus the intricate part of every thought, every action, and each conversation we have. This does not mean that we think only of Him, but that we think with Him. We should run our thoughts by Him, invite Him to bring His wisdom into our thoughts, and lean upon Him for the results. We will never know if we will get or how many tomorrows we will have. Those are not the point at all! The important part is Christ in every moment, every area of our lives and that we live those moments with Him! Let us be watchful and attentive as to how much of Jesus is with us always!


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