The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:44

The old expression we have in English for waiting for something that we wanted really bad was to hold our breath while we were waiting for it. This meant that whatever we were waiting for could never be that far away because we reach a point where we must breathe to keep on living. It was a bit of an exaggerated expression as everyone knew that you could not bring something to happen when you wanted it too. But, it did display a kind of attitude that we might want to pursue if we are serious about looking forward to our Savior´s return. We have been warned that many who thought that they were secure in their faith in the Lord will be disappointed when He finally does return. (Matthew 22:14, Luke 13:24) If we hear the warning, then perhaps something can still be done for us. Our dreams of gaining access to the throne of grace may still be able to come true. Let us pray that the warnings are not lost on us! Let us do whatever we can today! Let us go the extra mile with our Savior to assure that His love is found in us and that we are found by His side right through it all!


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