Revelation 8.1

When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.   Revelation 8:1  WEB


The grandparents came to visit one of their daughters and her children. They loved seeing their little grandchildren and spoiling them a little. So they offered to babysit while the parents went to work one day. When their daughter got home that evening she asked how everything had gone. Her youngest boy was quite a chatterbox. So, grandpa´s reply was that the little guy had not been silent for even the tiniest moment. “Nada, nada, nada,” he said. (which means not at all, in Spanish.) Are there moments in our days for silent reverence to our Lord and Savior?

Modern societies in most places in the world have grown into hectic and noisy places to be. Our day is full of hustle, bustle and the clamorous noises of distraction. This being the case, there is little time that we have left for silence or worship. If we do turn to God, normally, it is just for a moment before the noise and rat-race begin again. Even our worship services are programmed into a tight schedule. If we truly do want to come before the throne of God, we will need to get alone. We will need to find a Way get still. And, it would be very good for us to become silent. Silence is a natural reaction of ones who truly have found themselves before the ominous presence of God. So, let us find the Way to seek out our moments of silent reverence to the Lord! Let us bow before Him and become experts in shutting out the noisy world around us. If we do, we can listen for the voice of the Spirit leading us to God!


Dear Lord,

Teach us how to get silent before You! Bless us through our humble worship and make us experts in seeking out the quiet times where we can be together with You, we pray!



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