The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:45

A question is put forth from our Savior. He asks who of us is the wise and faithful servant. He wants us to take a look at ourselves. Many of us will brush off this question lightly. It is easy to say that our Lord was speaking of some preacher, some evangelist, or just anyone besides ourselves. Darkness would also like us to skip past the question and never bring ourselves into the question. But a sincere follower of Christ will not choose the easy road. Regardless of the painful possibility that we may be falling short, we must press on towards perfection. We must follow our Savior´s voice even if it leads us through dark and hurtful valleys. We will stop and check ourselves and determinedly make each of His words speak directly to us. We will set our hope in that Jesus´ instructions are intended to build us up in faith and bring us nearer to God. Therefore, pray that we consider with the Holy Spirit if, in fact, we are feeding those around us just what they need of God. Perhaps someone needs comfort. Maybe another person needs encouragement. Surely there is someone we know who could use a little help seeing beyond themselves and this world in which we live. Let us kneel down and ask the Lord to help us feed someone now!


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