There is a great breakdown in the Christianity that we are being offered today. While being mostly correct doctrinally, it is presented to us as something we can hold at arms-length in our lives. This is why we can say that there is a breakdown. The Christianity, the faith, that the Bible calls for is something much deeper and meaningful to us. God never tolerated people who could flatter Him with their attention and worship only one day of the week. The Almighty never wanted His people to be the kind of people who for most of their time, there day, or their lives, were preoccupied primarily with getting ahead in this life. Christ never sought followers who were divided between their busy lives and trying to follow His words. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will increase the intensity of our faith, our devotion, and our relationship with the Savior! Why don´t we ask for God´s help in making our walk with the Lord into the most crucial element of each of our days? If we can learn to go through each moment of our lives focused on Him, Christ will give us a faith worthy of being truly His!


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