The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 25:6

It may be just another parable that Jesus told. But if it comes from the mouth of the Son of God, then we can be sure that there is a message for us wrapped up like a priceless gift in His words. He tells us “Look, the groom is coming!” If anyone cares to hear, it is time to stir ourselves out of our slumber. It is time to get off our backsides and move to where we can meet Him. Now we all know that Jesus is that Bridegroom. He is coming for His beloved. What response we should have in our hearts when we hear this call is that we should be moved. Our spirits should thrill and spark with the excitement of finally seeing the One we love! We should be overwhelmed with our desire to be with Him and go in to the great reunion of God and His people! Can we hear the cry? Are our hearts leaping up right now to throw off anything that would hinder us from being ready to see His face?


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