Correct Response

Correct Response

Mankind is a funny race. We think we are smart. We build ourselves up in learning and pride. We think that because we think, we are the clever ones. But the Bible warns us against such foolish thoughts. The Scriptures show us where our thinking often leads us to trust ourselves and not look for God. A wise man in the Bible is a person who looks beyond ourselves. Those humans that are commended in the Holy Writings are the ones who refuse to rely on our own wisdom. These precious souls have learned to give God all the credit and bow before His wisdom. These blessed hearts bow at the feet of the Savior to gain wisdom way different than that what the world can offer us. Those who truly do seek wisdom will sense the yearning for real awareness. They will seek the Lord with their whole hearts. God has been waiting for a correct response in our hearts. Will we seek Him today?


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