The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 25:12

In that great day that is coming soon, we are told that our Lord and King will not recognize some people as being His. Our beloved Savior will return as promised. But oh, how surprised those would-be Christians will be when they have already spent their lives trusting in a faith they were too comfortable with to make sure that was genuine. What is the difference? How can we be sure that we will not be the ones who get disappointed? The answer is not too complicated. But, it does require a response. What are we doing today to establish a relationship with the Savior that will be strong enough for Him to recognize us on that day? If we are relying on our own estimations of doctrines, good living, fulfilling of tithing obligations, or a proud declaration of belief, we may still be in for a surprise. The encouraging part is that something can be done now while there is still time. We can move beyond being nominal Christians. We can go past our brain-deep faith. We can follow through with our fine notions of coming to know God. We can seek Christ with our whole hearts. When we realize that our hearts are not big enough to make room for this all-consuming love for the Lord, we can pray for God´s help in removing our old heart and for Him to give us a heart only for Him! If we can walk closer to the Savior in this life than we do with the world we live in, then, for sure, He will recognize us and our demonstrated love for Him when He comes in glory!


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