Why Worship

Why Worship

A proud generation has grown up that thinks that they need to be convinced of God. They know so much and have studied so much that the whole spiritual world must be proven first before they will acknowledge it. Even Christians move around for most of our week acting as if God was not here. We do not do it intentionally but somehow we let other things distract us until God is effectively absent from our day. This is not what we are called to. We are also not called to seek Heaven for the luxurious home and a life of ease or comfort. We are called to seek Jesus so that we can come to know the Son of God! We have been offered the Holy Scriptures for the thrill of walking with and worshipping God! When we can come close enough to the Truth, these joys become ours! So, throw off those doubts, those who press forward into the arms of the Lord will never regret it!


God did not deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt so that they could enjoy the Promised Land. He freed them from their bondage so they could come to know and worship Him.  Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby (Experiencing God Day By Day)


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