The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 25:21

The word servant may be a troublesome word in today´s thinking. Christians may casually read it or lightly refer to themselves as servants of the Lord. But generally speaking, the whole notion of being bound into a life of servitude has become something few people are willing to accept. We prefer to build ourselves up, tell ourselves that we can do all things, and feel as if we deserve for things to be done for us. However, for the precious few who do humble themselves, their hearts will know deep inside that they are bound to their Savior in love and devotion. It pains them to think their Master may want something and they will still leap up to try to please Him. Whatever happens to our religious thinking, we should still seek this kind of devotion to God. If we do, we may stand a chance to hear the Lord commend us. Then we may hear those words that will forever thrill our hearts, “Enter into the joy of your Lord!”


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