Dive Into Christ

Dive Into Christ

If we have ever heard of the Son of God, the Holy Spirit, or our Father in Glory, then we have been invited to engage ourselves with God above. We have been stirred to think of Heaven, the realm where God is King and where He lives. He moves here in our reality and our world performing millions of miracles each day. These we can learn to detect. They will thrill our souls and make us want to know more of this God who loves us. The Holy Scriptures tell us much about Who we are to encounter and how others before us were affected when God moved in their lives. What remains is what we will do about this call. God waits to see what reaction we will have. Our very lives will demonstrate our choice. If we truly want to reciprocate and reach out for Him, then the journey begins. Our knowledge of God begins as we search for Him, discover His presence, and learn to walk with our eyes and hearts on Him. This is the highest achievement available to mankind, to witness God´s nearness and His movement in our lives! Others may hold themselves at a distance with mere notions or conform to a cleaner lifestyle. But, we can break through into conscious awareness that will clearly be seen in our lives through the changes God´s presence brings to our lives! Press on until the whole world can see we walk with God!


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