The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 25.30

The Son of God used an expression describing the fate of all the people who failed to make Him important enough to do what was necessary to enter Heaven. He said that people would be thrown out to darkness where there was crying and gnashing of teeth. There are many speculations as to what this could mean, but one thing is for sure, it does not sound good. It gives the impression that those who failed to take the Lord seriously will repent once they are able to see all that they failed to believe in before. They will realize they have spent their lives resisting the only One who could have saved them in the greater light of eternity and in realms they could not have imagined. Yet, the number of people who choose to walk blindly in their illusions outweighs those precious few who admit they cannot see into the mysteries of God. This other group of strange thinkers will humble themselves. We can be a part of this handful of believers. We can choose to let God define what is real regardless of what our earthly eyes see. We can bow to Him and what He says of life in the greater spiritual and eternal realms. If we do, then we may avoid this terrible result of failing to trust in God. A door of hope will open for us unto shining new realities with the Lord. Let us pray that this terrible fate of being cast out need not fall on us or those around us! Pray that our hearts are open to let the Lord enter in and lead us through whatever is still to come!


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