The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 25:34

This is the vision and the hope of all who have heard of the wonders of God and been moved enough to seek Him. They would inherit the right to enter God´s Kingdom and become the most blessed creatures. Of all the people who have been blessed in this life, they will be the most favored. The inheritance given to those who win the favor of God to such extent will far outweigh anything any man has been given up until now. But, instead of focusing our eyes or our hearts on any lower gifts, let us keep clear what the real Gift is! It is not the golden streets, mansions, or spectacular seas of glass. It is to be ushered into the actual presence of God! It is to shed this caterpillar-like shell and burst out into a new realm where we are made more like God and thus able to be where He is. It is to feed directly from the Light coming from His Son, His throne, and His righteousness! We could be among those blessed ones. We will have to want it more than those who conform to what they can get here. But the promises are ours if we will own them. Let´s get off our lethargic backsides and onto our knees! Let get moving in the direction of the blessed who will inherit the Kingdom of God!


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