The Blessed Ones

The Blessed Ones

Those who would lift themselves up as an offering to God may want to figure out what God is looking for in us. If we can adjust our hearts to His will, then it takes much confusion out of this complicated thing that we have made Christianity today. There are so many people telling us to look this way or to walk that way. But, the real Teacher, Jesus Christ, the very Son of God, lays it out straight for us. We need to seek an inner poverty that makes our hearts need their God! This means that a deep void and hunger needs to be present within us that can only be filled with the Lord. We need to want after Him! We need to seek to be filled each day! We must reach a state of heart that is only content when we are consciously connected with our Savior and His presence is truly felt. Anything that bolsters us up to where we are not actively seeking the Holy Spirit in each moment, is actually harming us. We must recognize the times when we step even slightly away from God and seek this yearning again. Let´s make our hearts poor now so that in them we can receive the promises of God! Let´s seek the state of soul that brings the blessed presence of Christ into our life and gives us justified hope of seeing His face!


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