How to Find God

How to Find God

It may seem too simple, so people may reject it. There are so many experts, so people may think you have to go to them to accomplish the task at hand. There is so much teaching on the process of coming to know God. But, what we so often fail to realize is that any man or woman or child can find their Savior without any of the noise. Let any person reach a point in their heart where they want to hear that still, small voice that has been whispering to their souls, and the magic can start! We often run to find someone else to help us, but it is not to humans that we need to run. If we can get ourselves alone, then the Holy Spirit can come to us. If we can empty our heads and our hearts of all the distractions and focus on God, then the Son can enter in. If we can get onto our knees, then communication can begin. If we can break down the barriers in our hearts, our minds, and our souls, that we have held there for so long, we will realize that the Lord is near. He is near us now. If we feel alone in our problems, then He is nearer than ever. If we feel helpless, then Power is at hand! If we can sense that what our hearts really need is to be with the Savior today, then prayer will open the door! New nearness of our souls to God is only prayers away! We can find the Savior if we give up, drop down on our knees, and let ourselves need Him. We have all eternity to become experts in the intricacies of God, but we will need to walk with Him through the baby-steps of knowing Him today if we would ever see the day! Let us go to the Lord in all honesty and learn to find Him here with us today! Only those who seek Him will ever know the joy God´s presence brings! Let us pray like our lives depend on it! They do!


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