The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 25:37

The ways of God and the ways of mankind are so different that we cannot fathom the logic of God. So many truths that God offers to us seem to us as paradoxes. They seem strange and impossible, but because they are God´s ways and not ours, they are right in the end. One such paradox is love. Just when our heart seems to be bursting and cannot love anymore, it can be doubled or grow in leaps and bounds. Another paradox is seeking and finding. We find Jesus in personal experience and then know we have found all that we need in Him. One could think that no further seeking is needed. But, the person who has truly found the joy of knowing and walking with Christ will consequently become the more avid seeker of all. These enraptured worshippers will press forward in their search for their King until He must be with them in every area of their lives. And, now we have this paradox to ponder too. Jesus says that when we will stand before judgment on that great day, those who walked the closest to God will be surprised to hear it. They will have acted out of the flow of love in their hearts and never stopped to realize that they had actually been doing it to the God they loved. Let us pray that we are among them!


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