Do Or Walk?

Do Or Walk?

When we hear the call to Christianity we typically get all fired up and want to jump straight into the Lord´s work as if that were what we were called to Christ for. This would not be a bad thing except that we are fallen beings. We lost our right to stand in the full brightness of God´s glory by choosing our way over the Lord´s. Christ came to us to rectify our treason and become the Way we can come back into the shining presence of God. But we will never get there by trying to impress the Father with our work. We have enough instruction in the Holy Scriptures to know that our salvation comes through the Son. If He knows us, and if we know Him, then our entry into life is secure. Without Him, no amount of work or no great works will ever convince the Lord. We can become the precious beloved of God only by seeking to be with Him each day! We can be God´s people and He can be our God if we will make our relationship with the Son, the Savior, our all-consuming goal! Let´s throw ourselves into our walk with Him and let Christ lead us on!


We are so activity oriented that we assume we were saved for a task we are to perform rather than for a relationship to enjoy.  Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby (Experiencing God Day By Day)


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