Prayers Like Incense

Revelation 8:2

The smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, went up before God out of the angel’s hand.  Revelation 8:4  WEB


In the Catholic country where a certain family lived, there were candles sold in nearly every supermarket to be burned at shrines or cemeteries. They came in a plastic vase that would help keep the flame lit even if there was a slight breeze. This particular family loved having candles in their house and one night, they missed blowing out one of these candles. When they were aroused by the smell of smoke somewhere in the night, they opened the door to the living room. The candle had burned out, but it had caught the plastic alight somehow. The room was still full of smoke and the walls near where the candle stood were stained black. Do we think our prayers please our Heavenly Father or are they just smoke?

Much of what people pray about these days is just to persuade God to bring us treats, smooth sailing, or happiness. Our Father wants us to bring all our issues to Him, but when we are simply seeking personal gain, our prayers must resemble black smoke. However, there is another kind of prayer and another kind of worshipper. There are blessed saints from every age and country that truly bow down to the Lord and not just want to use Him to get ahead. These sweet souls lift up their prayers in adoration. They fill their prayers with thanksgiving, with praise, and with tender supplications for Christ´s swift return. If they ask for something, it is for the Lord´s gain or for the safety of His children. Would we like to send up prayers along with the saints like sweet incense before God now?


Dear Lord,

Today we do not want to darken Your throne room with requests for a good life here. Let our worship and our prayers be a delight to You as they rise up before You now, we pray!



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