From Christ´s Perspective

From Christ´s Perspective

Humans are stubborn creatures. We can be told that things are one way and then go on living out our lives as if we never heard it. This would not be so tragic except when it comes to what we hear from God, we should take it seriously enough to make our best attempt to see things as He says they are. We cannot do this on our own. We need the Holy Spirit. We need the Savior´s presence and life-changing guidance. But if we have heard, and we do insist, we can be helped with what we lack. Once we pray in honesty to be shown how God wants us to see, He can begin our education into His spiritual ways. They are not at all like human ways. We will be surprised, amazed, and thrilled with each discovery. Let us step in close to the Savior now and let the journey, our learning begin!


If a man truly changes his direction and begins to try to live his whole life from Christ´s perspective, he will, on his own, begin to seek to learn more about his faith – until he gains something of the breadth, wholeness, and balance God has for him.  Keith Miller (A Second Chance)


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