The Teacher´s Word for Today


Matthew 26:2

So many times we read a passage of Scripture and immediately leave those words in the distant past. We read His words of warning or instruction and without thinking about them too much, we brush right by them as if they were meant for other people in some other place or time. The problem with doing this easy, common selection of information, is that we rob ourselves of any gain it could give us in our Heavenward struggle. We could be just a little closer to God if we did not miss these gems of Heavenly instruction. When Christ told His Disciples that He would be delivered up to be crucified, they could not fathom what He meant so they downplayed the significance of it. As a result, they were less prepared for when Jesus was actually taken from them. We too, might be in a similar predicament when we read that we might be separated from our Lord. In our modern world, Christ seems to be attacked in new ways each day. We may be in grave danger of losing the opportunity to worship God in our schools or public places. We would do well to listen to every slightest hint of warning and instruction. We just might want to work hard on our relationship with our Lord today, just in case, the warning may be meant for us!


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