A Most Harmful Habit

A Most Harmful Habit

Every person alive will struggle with the temptation to place great importance on the blessings that we have received from God above. This should be a good thing that ties us closer to our Lord, but most often sin creeps in and the things steal our attention and our hearts away from God. So attached we become to the things we want or the things we love, that our focus slips off of the Divine and clings to these things. It is a dark and deadly trick from the adversary of Christ to use the very blessings of God to create division between our hearts and His. So deadly is this trap that even God´s own elect will have to bring their own hearts to the Lord daily if we want to make sure that we have not fallen away from Him to this harmful trap. So let´s take the time today to bring our hearts to the Lord in prayer. Let´s ask Him to show us if anything in our lives is removing our attention or our desires off of Him and placing it on ourselves.


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