The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:11

When Jesus tells us that we will always have the poor with us but don´t always have Him, what does it make us think? If it doesn´t make us think, then the weight that the Scripture holds in instructing us is lost. If we brush it off as words to others, it is lost. If we try to place those words in a long-ago or faraway place, they are lost to us too. But, if we take Christ´s words and make each of them pertain to us, then there is hope. We can glean some instruction from them. They can draw us closer in spirit, in understanding, and in heart to our Lord. If we look at what He says about the poor, we will see that they are still a concern for Jesus, and, as such, should be a real concern of ours. But, He quickly adds that we will not always have Him with us. This should drive us to make the most of the time that we can dedicate to our relationship with Him. It should create a deep desire within us to keep any separation from entering into our hearts. It should place His presence in our lives as our first priority. If we can drive ourselves hard enough in our pursuit of God, then all other things in life will take their proper places. We will not lose our chance to help the poor or needy. Instead, because we are walking intimately with our Lord, we will be able to care for them as our Savior does. Let´s get our priority and seek Him with all our hearts!



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