The Teacher´s Word for Today


Matthew 26:21

God´s words are living words. The words of the Father´s Son are Eternal. Every word that comes to us from the Scriptures is good and can be used to gain more of our Lord if we seek the right spirit with which we receive them. If we look for the Divine He will show Himself to us! But, if we are too proud, if we daringly take steps on our own understanding, we lose our chance to receive the gifts that the Holy Spirit would pour out for us. Christ was sitting in the company of His selected followers when He sadly said that one would betray Him. Nobody could believe it. Nobody would believe that they could do such a terrible thing as to betray their Master. If we look around the room today, wouldn´t we feel the same? “Surely it isn´t me!” our hearts will say. The Lord was right! One of the Disciples did look more at the world than he did to His Master. If it could happen then, it could happen now! Let us pray that nothing may creep into our hearts today. Let us pray in all earnest that our hearts do not take one step away from our Lord as we follow Him. Shall we take the opportunity that this day brings, to strengthen our walk with Christ and draw nearer still to the only One who can keep us from falling?


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