One Single Gift

One Single Gift

Humans are creatures full of desire. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. It is good and it is proper when the things that we desire are ultimately for our God. It is bad when what we desire is really only for our own selfish tendencies. We can want to be good Christians, but if we want it so that others will see and admire us, then we are missing the point of being a Christian in the first place. If we want to be pleasing in God´s sight, but not thinking of it in terms of other´s opinions, rather because it draws us closer in our relationship with God, then our intentions are pure. We can be pleasing to God when He is the One who we are thinking of. If we think it is impossible to make our Lord our ultimate desire, then we probably do not know Him very well. We could spend more time getting to know Him. Each new discovery, each new experience with Him, each precious moment spent before Him in His presence, will humble us and increase our desire! Let us pray for those revelations of our Savior today that will light a fire within us and burns increasingly more intense all the time! Let´s ask for God with us and in us if it is the only thing we do today!


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