The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:24

If we are honest and know that we too could stumble and let our Savior down, we could be much more careful that we don´t. If our Lord said to us right now to be careful that it would not be us that let the world distract us, we could do whatever it took to strengthen our walk with Christ. Well, the warning has been given. We could easily push it off on another human being. We could even let Judas try to be the only scapegoat. But if we did, then we might fail to make the necessary changes to our own hearts. We might never see that a closer walk or that more of the Holy Spirit is what God is calling us to. Woe to us! It would be better if we had not been born if we let ourselves carry on with our own ways and not seek the Lord with more enthusiasm so that we do not become the one who betrays our Savior. Let us hear the warning now! Let us stop what we are doing, thinking, and feeling, and turn our whole hearts to Christ right now!



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