Calling Ourselves Christians

Belonging to Christ

There is always a chance that we may just be calling ourselves God´s chosen ones. If We realize that there may be ground to be gained, then we have a chance to press forward in faith until we truly are His!

Dark devious forces would still do anything to prevent hearts from turning truly to Christ and becoming God´s redeemed children. Right from the beginning of time, the trick has always been to make us humans feel like what we are doing is right and good even though God wants something else from us. If we are aware of the devilish tricks, then we could be more careful with our faith. If we know that Satan hates every real child of God and will work endlessly to place distance between us and our chances of being with the Lord, then we should know how to place our faith in safe hands again. We all need the saving grace of Jesus to wash us clean and present us redeemed unto the Father. So today, why don´t we make it our mission to increase our relationship with the Son? Why don´t we take the time and make the effort to grow closer to the One who can save us from ourselves!


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