How We Live Our Lives

How We Live Our Lives

It is easy to start feeling sorry for ourselves and mope around like the world is against us. We must remember though, that life is not always lived on top of the hill. There will be times when we must travel through the darker valleys. These are not times when all is lost even though we may feel like it is. These are times for growth. These are times where our true character shines through. These are times when we can draw from the strength of God instead of relying on our own feeble strength. When times get tough, the only truly tough ones are those who seek God. The world may say otherwise, but the truth will be seen one day soon. Faith will be tested if faith is to grow. When we really want to be strong, we must stand closer to the Lord. When we come up against giants that would defeat us, we need a greater strength from above. The strength that comes from Heaven is everlastingly more powerful than even the biggest giant here on earth. The mountain that we are climbing here now is only a molehill when seen from the heavenly heights. So instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and seeing only the current bleak situation where we struggle, let us lift our eyes towards Heaven. Let us put our hope in God above and pray that our relationship with Him is strengthened until we begin to see our world through His eyes.


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