The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:40

How many times do we think the Lord has asked us this question? God above is working on His great eternal plan. We can hear about it often but fail to catch the significance in it. We can hear our Savior tell us to stay awake and vigilant, and still fall into a lazy mode as if right now was not a crucial moment for us spiritually. Even in this world-gone-mad where remarkable world events are affecting us all and marking human history, we should be running to our knees. We all should be seeking God first and foremost with an urgency and desperation so that our whole hearts are His. The Father, the Son, and all of Heaven knows the time has come for us to drop all our distractions and diligently restore our relationship with God. Let us pray for help from above to shake off our slumber and to open our eyes to see where our Lord is moving. Let us wake up and watch with our Savior as God´s Kingdom draws near!


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