The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 28:10

Some of the messages we find in the Bible are only for those who really will truly meditate over them and digest them. The Scriptures, on the whole, will divide those who stand with God eventually and those who won´t. But we are talking about a special breed of people here. Many people call themselves believers. Some of them are even quite determined to be called the children of God. But let us imagine a special kind of follower. Let us picture a group of individuals who shared considerable time with their Savior. Let us imagine that we could be amongst that intimate circle of friends who have walked with the Lord. Being that close to our Master, our utmost goal is Him. Jesus is our motivator. Our devotion to Him comes from the love that we feel for Him through knowing Him and sensing His love for us. We may even be warmed by the thought of Him calling us brothers or family. So, the minute we hear our Lord telling us to move, we will be quick to respond. We will be moved to go wherever He would have us go. Call it Galilee if you want. But where our Master asks us to go, that is where we will want to be. This kind of desire, this kind of seeking out the will of our Savior is what our Lord wants to see in us! If we are already this kind of seeker, if we are this type of follower, then we already are among His chosen few. If not, then maybe we too should be working hard on getting there!


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