Who Will Be Left

Who Will Be Left

There may have been a day when we did contemplate where we stood with the Lord. We surely had a time when we had to know how much faith we were willing to place on spiritual things, the reality of God, and whether or not Jesus was His Son and worthy of our adoration. The problem is, that we moved past all of those decisions now and we can easily forget that we will live or die not by a decision made long ago but by where we are right now! Much more important than if we did chose God once-upon-a-time, is whether or not we are walking with Him still. How intense is our desire to be standing by the Savior Jesus Christ is what the Bible teaches is the measuring device. If we are bored, lethargic, or uninterested in the Savior of the World, then we should know that when it all comes down, by His side is not where we will be. To follow someone means that we cannot stay where we are. If we would like to follow Jesus, then we will have to get to know Him well enough to know where He is working, where He is moving, and be quick to step in with Him. Hunger for Christ is what we need. We should choose a good, healthy habit of seeking our Lord in all that we see, all that we do, and all that we think about.

Let us take the time to sit down with the Lord in prayer, spend some quality time with Him, and work out with Him just how much of us will be with Him today!


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