Seek the Lord Despite the World

Seek the Lord Despite the World

Today is a blessing that we have been given by God. In it, we can achieve something marvelous, something far more valuable than we can imagine. We can embark on the greatest endeavor available to mankind. We can draw near to the Creator and Savior of all that exists. We can press forward and come before the Almighty! Do not shake a stick at it. Do not smirk or laugh. All those who have humbled their hearts and gone far enough will testify. Truly coming before the Presence of the Lord will rock our puny worlds! Show enough interest in knowing Christ, and we can be shown God the Father! Choose Jesus as our highest goal today and we can have an experience with Him. We will need to make adjustments to our thinking, our acting, and our independence, but it will be well worth it! Accept nothing less than a relationship with God today, and every day for the rest of eternity can bring a thousand thrilling discoveries of our Lord! So when your schedule, your loud crazy world, or your doubts try to stop you, press on despite the odds. The opposition is only there to try to stop us. Let´s seek the Lord even harder so we can have the experience of a lifetime and it will be one we can enjoy for all eternity!


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