The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 27:11

The question was asked. The question is still being asked. Now each and every person in the world must come up against this question. It is a short one. It may seem harmless enough. But the revelation to us through the Word of God turns this tiny question into the most important question of our lives. If we answer one way, then a future, a hope, a chance to see God´s plan of restoration fulfilled, and even the opportunity to approach the Almighty in person will be ours! If we refuse to give an answer, say no, or even just brush the question off, then all the deeper opportunities are suddenly not available to us. So what will we do with the question today? Will we bow before the King who is working out our Salvation at this very moment? Will we put our faith, our devotion, our praise, and our thanksgiving into the One who sacrificed it all to pay our ransom of love? Will we take the time and even go out of our way to get to know the Son of God who has gone before us to prepare an eternity of joyful discoveries that will come through this new relationship that we can have with Him! Let us pray today, that no matter where we stand with the question, the Holy Spirit may work inside of our hearts and draw us closer to the King of Kings!


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