A Psalm for Today

Psalm 5:7

The world roars on all around us! The crazy pace is set by men and women each seeking to win their goals of success, comfortable living, and recognition. We have long been taught that the things we shoot for can be ours if we want them enough. Society is changing all the time to center our world more and more upon ourselves. Long ago, worship was an important part of many people´s lives but less time and emphasis is there anymore. Even family and loyalty used to be things taught to preserve and cherish. But now, sadly, it is our own desires, our own tastes, and our own well-being that are lifted higher. Against and amidst this chaos, stands the repentant Christian. We have heard a still, small voice speaking to us from deep within. It cries out to us of the God above. This haunting voice of the Spirit tells us of a love unfathomable. The heart that responds to this love is drawn like a moth to the light. We would come to the Son of God for the love we have found in Him. To Christ, we will humbly bow because He alone can bring us into our real family. The heart knows these things even while the world rages against us. God´s tender care and all His promised blessings are for those who hear and let their hearts go out to Him. Let us pray that we choose to seek Him today!


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