Get Where We Can See

Get Where We Can See

We could easily say that we would like to see God move in a powerful way today and then go on living out that day without ever becoming aware of any movement at all. This is not what the Lord would have happen. He is moving in mighty ways all around. He has never stopped working miraculous and amazing things. Our trouble is our vision. From where we stand it is very difficult to gaze into the spiritual realms. From the distance between God and us, it is nearly impossible to watch Him with clarity perform His greater wonders. God is miraculous and all that He does would blow us away and leave us like those before His throne that bow down and praise and worship Him! So, if we truly do want to watch Him work, if we do want to see the mighty arm of God in action, then we need to work on removing the distance that separates. Keep in mind that the distance is not physical! The distance that we place or keep placed between us and our Lord is in our relationship. Draw close to God and God is what we will see! Come near the Son of God and miracles is what we will experience. If we are Okay with standing far off with a shallow awareness of Him, then we do not need to expect to be blown away at the sight of God´s frequent and glorious movement! But, those who do truly want to see and can see, will always be the ones willing to get where they can see! Let us rise and follow the encouragement of the Holy Spirit! Let us seek out the place in our hearts where we really are close to the Lord and ready ourselves to watch His mighty hand work wonders in our day!


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