Our Challenge

Our Challenge

God is never far away from any of us. He has never left us for one moment since the day we were born. He is just as close as we will hold him. He wants to engage with us and walk with us throughout our day. Few of us though, really ever do anything serious about finding Him and staying with Him as we go about our daily routines. Instead of getting a better viewpoint, or filling our brains with a lot more theory, what we could do to enhance our walk with the Lord can be found on our knees. Talking often and seriously with Christ, calling on Him, seeking His presence, and listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit will bring us far closer to God. There is no comfortable statement we can say, there is no doctrine we have to stand on. To be with the Lord we must get to know Him. We must spend time with our Savior if He is ever to save us from simply being us. Change is in order, so let us repent and seek the Lord today! We can come to Him if we truly want to be with Him. Let´s give it our best and not lose another moment!


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