A Psalm for Today

Psalm 6:9

Sometimes we throw up a casual prayer or a quick plea for help to God. We find ourselves helpless in a situation and for a moment turn to God. This is a mighty tool for the Christian. But it is more a tool, it is our calling. Instead of throwing up a quick prayer just in case God might answer it, what we could do is to pursue our problem with the Lord a little further. When we insist, when we move beyond just a try, when we actually go to God to include Him in our troubles that is when we step into God´s will. We ask God to stop and look our way. We ask Him to take the time to help us with our struggle. But do we take the time to really offer up to Him our issues so that He can show us why they are there in the first place? It just might be, that whatever difficulty we are going through at the time was put there by God so that we would turn to Him. Our struggle just might be our chance to step closer to our Savior. So, when we get the notion to bring something to God in prayer, and we should pray that we do this with everything, why don´t we stay with Him and make sure that He knows we are truly turning to Him? If we seriously bring our things to God, then surely He will accept them when He sees how much He means to us!


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