A Psalm for Today

Psalm 8:1

Who on earth still stops and turns their eyes above the heavens? Who of us really gaze in wonder and let our hearts soar above the stars, above the galaxies and the endless spaces of our universe? Who still feels the awe, the trembling fear of what it is like to come before the Almighty? If we could only stretch the boundaries of our imaginations to the point where even a tiny bit of the immensity of God was to touch us, seize us, and leave us undone! If we could fathom a pinch of the unfathomable mysteries of our limitless Lord! It is time that we give our hearts over to wonder! It is high time that we throw ourselves upon our knees and let our cries mingle with the great men of old! Let us praise and lift up our Lord! Let us be left breathlessly terrified yet uncontrollably drawn to gaze in adoration of the maker of the stars!


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