A Psalm for Today

Psalm 9:2

People come to religion for many reasons. But when a person comes to God with the intention of knowing Him personally, something special happens. All of a sudden, religion is not a standard of living. Our going to church changes from its former social notions because something magical happens. A finite and mortal being meets the Infinite and Immortal Creator of All Things! This encounter marks that kind of seeker. The average person who has pressed on into the presence of God is instantly set upon a new level. No longer can our motives and our goals be so short-sighted as to limit them to earthly ends. A desire grows from this first engagement with our Lord, and our lives become a quest for more of Him! When we truly taste the thrill of bowing breathlessly before the Almighty, then no other high will ever compare. Our hearts can fly over the clouds today if we could become serious enough to go past everything short of experiencing the mind-blowing presence of God right now! Who will go that in their walk with the Lord today?


Dear Lord,

Give us the perseverance to press on until we experience standing in Your presence today! Thrill our heart to be before You and let nothing keep us from coming. Then prepare Yourself for our love and adoration that will surely flow from us as we have our moment with You that no earthly experience can ever compare with! Call us, draw us, and help us get there now, we pray!



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