Revelation 13:9

If anyone has an ear, let him hear.   Revelation 13:9  WEB


Walking through a campground late one night, a couple was talking quietly to each other. Suddenly the young man stopped. His young girlfriend did not know exactly why so she merely edged in closer to his side. He stood for a moment listening. Then he heard it again. He left his companion standing in the middle of the road for a second and went over into the shadows near one of the bungalows. He reached down into the leaves and picked up what looked like a ball that filled up his cupped hands. He brought his treasure back to his girlfriend for her to see it better. It was a hedgehog. It had been scurrying around in the leaves but now was all curled up with its tiny quills pointing out to protect itself. The pretty young girl cooed in delight at the beauty of this marvelous little creature. What might we hear if we had ears to listen?

Hearing of earthly joys may delight us to some degree here on earth, but they can also shed light on ones in the spiritual and heavenly realms. A favorite saying of Christ was if we had ears, let us hear. If we pause a minute to think of what that means, we may just be able to step a little closer to God and open an infinite number of doors to which the Lord could work within our hearts. First of all, we would need to be receptive. We would need to incline ourselves to the possibility that our God is trying to communicate something to us. Right here and right now, the Divine is waiting for us to let Him reveal Himself and His plans for us more fully. Our greatest delight and the most vital step towards opening all the treasures of knowing God is weighing on whether or not we will listen. So pray that we will strain our ears or grow them if need be!


Dear Lord,

Give us the ears to hear You! Open our hearts and our lives to experience all that You have waiting for us to start listening more intently to what You would say to us now, we pray!



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