Prayer Changes Us

1204 CQ Prayer Changes Us

Some people think that we pray to try and change whatever God is doing or to try and change our situation. The problem with this kind of thinking is that we are trying to switch places with God. He is never in error and has forever acted in the correct and just way because that is Who and What He is. God is love and has never acted on anything less than love towards any of His children. So, it will never be God that needs to change nor the way He is thinking or acting. Our situations in life, especially those that drive us to our knees, have all been carefully selected to come our way. Each hardship we encounter should be a perfect opportunity for us to lean more fully upon our Lord. Every trial should strengthen our dependence on Christ and draw us closer together. So, when we pray, it is us that gets to change. We can stop trying to do this alone and begin facing our world with our Savior by our side. We change because we are choosing to look to Jesus instead of selfishly thinking of ourselves so much!

Take your troubles to the Lord! Let them work their magic in bringing us closer to Christ!


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