Believe Jesus Is Near

Believe Jesus is Near

The Christian person is a remarkable being. We stand to be judged by all those around us because we have chosen to place our hope in God. We have chosen to look to Christ even though nobody around us may see why we trust Him over ourselves. We purposely place ourselves in the awkward situation of being strange, different, or illogical. But, God´s wisdom and man´s wisdom are not the same. God can see why man chooses to think he is smart even though he hasn´t seen the things God sees. Unfortunately, though, man could start to see some of these things as the Divine sees them if he would just admit that we are limited creatures with limited sight. God, in His wisdom, has chosen faith to set us apart from the earth-bound children who want nothing more than treasures and logic from this world. God has called us to step out and dare to be different. He wants to show us an infinite number of mind-blowing realities of Him and His Kingdom. But, these joys are reserved for those who will turn to Him in Faith! So, pray that belief comes to us today and we begin to see just how close Christ really is!



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