Nothing But

Nothing But

When we see our morals improving and our lives changing, it is easy to think that we have finally been filled with the Spirit of the Lord. He will surely be working His wonders deep within our hearts. But the work is only beginning.

This is when we need to become focused. When we see progress, we should take heart and increase our desire after the Lord. If we prove willing and persevere, there is a great sea of love flowing from the Lord that could soon flow through the tiny vessel of our heart. God Himself, could move in compassion to His children everywhere through our lives. But, if we have sat back in satisfaction with what little we first experienced, then the personal contact with the Lord will never be reached. The mysterious and mighty upsurge of Spirit will never be able to carry us where God´s great heart wills.

Pray that we do not stop short of what God has for us now! Let us seek Him until it truly is His love, and not ours, that touches the lives around us today!


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